What kept you?

I’ve been waiting for you for over an hour. The next time you are late, I don’t even know what. So inconsiderate. You are always so inconsiderate.

I’m the pretty one….

No, I’m the pretty one. Jeez, you always start fights with me.

Why are you looking at me like I have two heads?

My pale imitation of Helmut Newton.

But I still bow to the master.

My paler immitation of May Ray:

My favorite place.

The first of perhaps thousands of photos of Grand Central I will post to this site.

A spring afternoon in New York.

This is one of those that doesn’t get a witty comment.

But that was one of those “please, I really hope you don’t see me taking this picture” kind of pictures. One taken on the train, as are most of the photos on this site. Well, not the baby ones.