Well, nothing of particular interest happened to me on this day.  Yeah, I went to the doctor and found out that my foot might be broken for the third time (long story) and I kinda got the day off, but otherwise, it was just a normal conventional day.  Other than the interestingly notated date.

Nevertheless, I decided to turn this into a bit of a photo essay day.  I was going to photograph my entire day, from coffee to torturous ride home on the world’s worst train, but that got a bit shortened because of the icky, terrible weather Boston was having in the morning.

I guess you could call this a photo essay, in that it does follow my day and my day involves a lot of time on what I have nicknamed “the world’s worst train.”  I have already dedicated an entry to this bane of my existence and it’s slowness, unreliability and generally crappiness.  Today though and perhaps it was the fact that it was 11/11/11, but the green line wasn’t so awful.  Yeah, I had to stand and yeah, I got some funny looks from people for standing there with a camera, but people were actually nicer to me because I had the camera.  That never happens.

I stood on the green line and I thought “man, I can’t imagine my life without this train.”  I bet I could live in one of those neighborhoods in Boston that is on the fancier blue, red or orange line, but I live on the green line and I get the feeling I will live here for a while.  The green line, I think actually does have some charm.  I can’t believe I said that after how much I bitch about it, but it has this sort of old time feel that I really like.  Now if it could just run a little more efficiently, that would be great.

MBTA, if you are reading this and I know you are, here is how to fix the Green Line (and believe me, I’ve been waiting to get this off my chest for AGES):

1. Fewer stops.  Does Boston University need 25 stops?  No.  Young people are young and strong.  Make them walk.

2. A schedule.  Any schedule.

3. Open cars and by that I mean cars that you can move back and forth in.

4. More express trains, so there is at least a hope in hell one can get to work on time.

Well, OK, rant over.  Let’s enjoy some photos while we consider the fate of our beloved Charlie.  First up, the train itself.  Now mind you these are not the trains I take.  Rather these are trains that passed by while I was waiting for the train I take.  The Green Line, teaching you patience:

And the passengers, getting on and getting off.  Sometimes I think my life is “get on green line, get off green line, get on green line, get off green line.”  Me and about a million other people:

Let’s not forget about the waiting.  There is a waiting.  An integral part of life on the green line:

And the interior of the train.  The second photo has the important date on it:

This shot, this was just luck.  Today I wasn’t angry I had to wait for the green line:

The last part is the best part.  You are almost home and here is the view: