The Magical Morning

I really used to hate mornings.  Really.  Mornings just weren’t my thing at all.  I didn’t even really understand why the day started at 8am, when my day usually started closer to 11am or later.  My nights of course extended out even further.

But then this weird thing happened.  For nearly a year, I had to get up everyday at 5am.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still hated it.  No one likes getting up early in the morning.  Nobody.  But somehow with this new point of view, I started to see that the light was more interesting early in the morning and that one tended to get a lot more done when one got out of bed at the late hour of 7am, rather than around noon.  I can’t remember the last time I actually slept until noon.

Well, the morning, it does bring us magical light.  And photos:

The nons

Yeah, in every long report about people in crazy outfits, there are a few entries that don’t involve people putting mohawks on their dogs. There are some photos that don’t involve much of any kind of craziness that is costume related.  Notice I said non-costume related.  This one is just your average “small town having a gathering, here we all are” kind of picture:

They also are not involved in Halloween, but with my love of all things patterned and repetitive, they made the cut:

Well, this is kind of scary.  If you find clowns scary:

I photographed this next one primary because the sunlight on the pickles made them look like snakes:

And finally a beauty shot that probably doesn’t belong in an entry as crazy as this one:

Reporting from the front lines

Get ready.  OK, get ready.  Are you ready?  OK, here goes:

Now I’ve taken a lot of bulldog photos, but this one has it all.  Teeth, mohawk, leather jacket.

And then there were these two:

Don’t they look like Halloween’s dogs?  I mean creepy, weird and cute at the same time.  And of course, there is the pug report:

And finally, a large number of huskies.  Or as my Halloween compatriots called them — Alaska dogs: