I just picked up the camera one day and never stopped shooting.  I probably took my first photograph at the age of 10.  It wasn’t very good, but I kept at it.  Now I just photograph where ever I go or whatever catches my eye.  Sometimes I do post production on the photos, sometimes not.  I shoot with a Canon EOS XSI.  I learned on an old school Canon AE-1 all manual camera that was my first love.  It was a film camera with a manual exposures and a manual focus lens and it was a little work horse.  I have since switched to digital and auto focus, just so what I am trying to get across comes across quicker and sharper.

I’m a recovering journalist, so there will be some attempts at writing, but not too many.  The focus of the blog are the pictures.

One more thing.  No photo of me will ever appear on this blog because as it states I’m on the wrong side of the camera.  I’m the one taking them.  I’m not in them.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. wonderful pictures

    my daughter often takes fotos of herself. so I tried it too. but I look like a dickerfetter pfannkuchen (I can’t say this in English… I’m no journalist, – an artist…

  2. I am interested in using one of your photos as an illustration to a short story. It would be in a small-run souvenir book put out in connection with a small non-profit convention and would not be offered for sale. Regretfully, we have to money to pay for such things, but I would be delighted to credit the work and include contact information for you if you agree. I am rather up against a deadline and need to know as soon as possible. Thanks.

  3. Hello! I noticed you have taken photos of the JFK birthplace in Brookline, MA that are lovely! I am a student at Suffolk University in Boston and was wondering if you would be willing to allow me to use some of your photos for a project I am working on. Please send me an e-mail if you can, I’d greatly appreciate it! paola.cucs@gmail.com


  4. Hello,

    I cannot recall the serendipitous path that led me to your site. I can only say that once I arrived, I stayed. And took a visual journey that was at times enchanting, at times dismaying, but always moving. So, I just wanted to thank you for the experience. I found your written musings charming and humane, as well.


  5. Hello! We came across your photos in a recent online search for some ski resort images. My company is interested in using one of your photos in an upcoming advertisement (submittal deadline of 3/14/14). Please contact me immediately to let us know if that would be a possibility and to discuss details. Thank you!

  6. Hi, My charity produces holiday cards for donors and we are very interest in NYC snowstorm, Harlem – is the image available for one-time use to produce on holiday card?

  7. Hi Natalia, love your photos and your articles! Do you happen to have a twitter or other form of social media where people could follow/subscribe to your posts? I couldn’t find anything here at wordpress. 😦

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