Those Are Just Battle Scars

I took what I would consider my first major spill on the skis today.  I mean no broken bones yet, but one of the skis came off.  That’s happened before, but I also got the wind knocked out of me pretty badly and I could feel an ankle twisting as well.  Did I mention my face went into the snow as well?  I thought for sure this was going to be my big fall.  This is what people have warned me about, what I need to watch out for.  What will make me stop loving skiing.

Then something really nice happened.  A man saw me fall and skied over immediately.  He got my lost ski and brought it over.  He could see I was in a little bit of shock, so he helped me up.  He stood there with me until I got my skis back on.  And this took quite a while, or at least it seemed that way.  I got the wind knocked out of me good and proper.

Back down the mountain, I wasn’t feeling right.  I have a rule.  Not feeling right on the skis, stop immediately.  Do not continue skiing.  Just stop and collect yourself and so I did that.  I went down to the lodge and just sat for a little while with my bottle of Gatorade.  As usual I replayed the events in my head to myself.  And I started to feel less bad for myself for the spill.  Here I was, thinking 20 minutes earlier than I had broken some bone and then I just got up and walked away.  Fall down.  Not so terrible.

Anyway, enough life lessons and what skiing has taught me about life.  Let’s talk photos of todays skiing.  Which other than the fall was pretty good:

sunapee ski lift side view sunapee mountain view clouds sunapee clouds lake mountain view sunapee trees mountain view sunapee skier going down mountain sunapee mountain view 2 sunapee lift view haze sunapee mountain view sunapee lake view sunapee upper mountain view sunapee snow tracks

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