Humans of Boston

Today it hit me.  I take a lot of portraits of people I randomly meet.  I mean I take a lot of photos of people, but most if not all of the time, they don’t even realize it.  Then I thought, I take a lot of portraits of people I meet, who are just funny or interesting.

My job gives me the opportunity to go around Boston quite a bit and I encounter all kinds of interesting people just go about their daily lives.  Oddly the inspiration struck when this girl was speaking:

boston boston university tour guide commonwealth avenue

This girl is a tour guide at Boston University.  A work obligation took me over there.  Believe me, I am far beyond the undergraduate days, but there you have it.  She was bubbling over with so much enthusiasm that I had to take her photo.  Also, the great uprush of the hands matched the tree behind her.

Next up, we have the beer guide.  The beer guide at Sam Adams a couple of days ago, where I, unbelievably visited for a work obligation.  No, I am not a professional beer drinker.  But this guy was so funny, making us wiggle our fingers behind our beer, that I thought he merited a photo:
boston sam adams beer guide

I think here he is demonstrating the proper way to hold a glass of beer.  Upside down wouldn’t have the same effect, I guess.

Lastly, we have the guide from a tour I took of the Massachusetts State House last month.  This guy could star in a movie called “I Pahked Ma Cah in Hahvid Yad Farty Yees Ago.”  The Boston accent was that hilarious, but he was a good sport about me bursting out laughing whenever he omitted an R.  Actually, he was an excellent tour guide.  The Boston accent was just that little sugar and spice the whole thing needed:

boston state house tour guide

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