Our Soviet City Hall

Ok, Ok, Ok,  please do not email me and tell me that Massachusetts is not socialist or communist.  I know that full well.  However, whenever I pass city hall I feel as though it may be slightly influenced by some of the architecture of the Soviet Union.  Where do I get these ideas from?  Well, I visited Russia, albeit a long time ago and I saw the kinds of things that they had around their country and it bring to mind the City Hall concrete behemoth.

The other thing is that next to the Old State House, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, the Soviet-style city hall just looks out of place and like a sore thumb.  And kind of like the Millennium Falcon.  No, I am not a Star Wars fan, but this thing also reminds me of that.

This picture I believe illustrates how all Bostonians see City Hall:


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