The “Filter” Is Actually Called “Dramatic”

Here goes with my diatribe about Instagram.

I am what is know as a photography snob.  I mean not an uber snob.  I don’t exclusively shoot film anymore.  I know people who do who believe that is better saturated than digital photography.  I happen to love digital photography.  It allows you to get photos out to people much quicker than film.  I like the altering aspect, but that is kind of secondary.  Digital also allows a greater number of people to see your photos with the speed you take them at.

Enter Instagram.  Where do I even start?  Some of the photos on Instagram are lovely, beautiful in fact but other times I see bad composition compensated for by “filters.”  God, I hate that word when applied to a phone.  Can’t they just call it “effect” because that is what it is.  A filter is something you put on the front of a camera lens to alter the look of a picture.  No one using Instagram is putting a filter on anything.  They are using an effect.  Believe me, there is a big difference between the two.  Considering the explosion in the number of Instagram photos and how it has taken over pop culture, it shows no signs of stopping.

Now let’s get to my photos.  I got a new camera recently, a little Olympus cutie that does well underwater and features “filters” or effects.  One “filter” I can use is called “dramatic.”  I have to admit I have developed a bit of a crush on this “filter.”  I’ve started to use it and I like it.

Let’s see the results:





I still won’t go over to Instagram.

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