An Extreme Sense of Excitement

I am giddy like a little girl.  Seriously.  I mean this is ski season, a Pawn Star premiere, Alexander Skarsgaard and Mint Milano cookies all rolled into one.  Yes friends, I have two new cameras.  I love just writing that.

Coming into possession of the first one came with relatively little fanfare.  My trusty Canon D10 faded away like an old warrior.  Actually I banged it on the side of a ski lift and after that it was never the same.  That and about 100 other things I did to it.  So I purchased an extra tough Olympus mini, thinking that it was going to just serve as my underwater and everyday camera.  Little did I know it was so much more.

I got bored one day and started pressing all the buttons on it.  I discovered that it has 10 different “magic” settings.  That is what they are called.  “Magic.”  I thought “oh, this is going to be like that Instagram scourge that is gripping society at large” but these effects turned out to be really cool.  And gave me a lot of new things to learn.  There is fish eye, dramatic and miniaturize.  Miniaturize is also known as tilt shift.  A tilt shift lens currently costs $2000.  Yeah, using a digital effect is cheating, but I have ALWAYS wanted to do tilt shift.  It was like a dream.  Like this dream I would probably next get because of the cost of the thing.

Well, digital to the rescue and I got to do some tilt shifting.  Like the fish eye, I will need a bit of practice with this before it is perfect, but who cares?  I get to play with camera endlessly and take lots of new photos.  The best part is that I get to re-shoot places I have been before with the new effects.

First up, the Museum of Fine Arts, where I go monthly.  No, not boring, but I had thought that I had exhausted all the photographic opportunities that place had available.  I was wrong.  A little tilt shift with your evening sherry?  Here you go:





And of course, Downtown Crossing.  What else was I going to photograph?:



And my good buddies, the samurai:


This is just the beginning.  My love affair with the tilt shift has just started.

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