The Harvard of Myth and Lore

When I first moved to Boston, I thought one thing — Harvard.  This is the place that will absolutely dominate this place.  In Washington, the Capitol building and what goes on inside it rules Washington.  I understand that it is government, but some would argue that Harvard provides a lot of those people in Washington with an education.

Well, to my surprise, Harvard does play a role around here, but not as big as I had thought.  People talk about it and I see people around here with Harvard folders or Harvard House shirts, but hanging out in Harvard Square in just fun regardless of the school that happens to be right nearby.  I love going over there just to look at the people hanging around.  And Harvard is just a place.

Yesterday I visited Harvard as part of a work commitment.  It was pouring rain at the time but I somehow took it in stride.  Sure, I didn’t love having rain falling on my head, but there are worse things.  The Harvard tour I took was pretty nice, despite the rain and I joked with my fellow tour goers that we all got into Harvard that day.

So the photos are dark and brooding to go with the foreboding weather:





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