Santa Claus Is A Dane

I love Denmark.  There, I will declare it.  I love that country.  If I could, I would become a citizen of that place.  If I have a bad day, I come home and watch clips on YouTube that are in Danish.  I don’t understand any of it, but I love it.

That love stems from time I spent there a long time ago.  The place has always lived in my heart.

A friend I made there in Denmark presented me with a completely plausible theory for the origin of Santa Claus.  He’s not actually from the North Pole, but rather Greenland.  Yes, Santa Claus is a Dane.  I can’t agree with him more.

Well, it’s summer now and Santa Claus must go somewhere else.  He must leave the North Pole and he must spend his summer elsewhere.  So, where did he choose?  Well, he came to Revere Beach.  Because if you are Santa Claus and you are Danish, you chase the sun to where ever it may come.

Want to see a photo?  Well, I have one as luck would have it:

boston revere beach National Sand Sculpting Festival man with long beard

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