My Name Is WrongSideoftheCamera and I Am In Love With My Miniaturization Effect

A couple of months back, my trusty Canon D10 conked out.  I mean it had been through quite a lot in its short life.  It had been slammed again the side of a kayak, taken on multiple ski trips (30 in total) and also taken underwater.

To replace it, I bought an Olympus Tough Camera.  I thought nothing of it at the time.  I thought “well, a secondary camera for incidental shots and everyday use.”  Then I discovered the miniaturization effect.  It is supposed to mimic tilt shift.  For those not in the know, the tilt shift lens is one that makes everything look weirdly miniature.  It is super cool, but one tilt shift lens costs more than my monthly salary.  So it was going to remain a dream…

Well, Olympus made my life easy.  So I’ve been going around all summer miniaturizing everything.  See:


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