Boston Fashion File XXXII

Young style edition.

Oh the young, so young that they don’t realize that they are young.  Literally thinking that their life is a large expanse of unending time that will never end….  And overuse of the word “literally.”

Well, they have something on us oldsters.  They have style.  Tons of it.  Not at all being sarcastic, but the way young people dress today is truly impressive.  There is a real preppie feel to what they do and it is always expertly coordinated.  I imagine, and I am not privy to this, but I bet a lot of young people photograph themselves in their outfits in the morning.  I just make sure that my clothes are (relatively) clean before I leave the house.  Age.

And of course there is a photo.  Yes, this person I do know.  Doesn’t make his outfit any less great:



It isn’t matchy-matchy but it all goes together.  And of course the accessory is kind of great too.  And here we get a bit more edgy:


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