Les Personnages Du Film Dans Un Film Artistique

Everything sounds better in French.  Even when that French is cribbed from Google Translate.

But seriously now my friends, do the following two people, who presence I in no way staged, not look like people who belong in a movie from the French New Wave.  Or as the French say “films nouvelle vague.”

First off, a person who looks like she may be a business owner of some kind.   I will let your imagination run wild as to what kind of business:



A short anecdote about this photo.  I saw the subject of the photo and I coyly turned my camera around to photograph.  The flash went off, blowing my cover, but the person did not seem to care.  One day I’ll get kicked in the teeth.  Today I guess is not that day.

Second, a sad woman handing out flowers:



Now what kind of movie will they both star in?  And how did I make Boston 2013 look like Paris 1966?  My secret.  Le secret du photographe…..

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