I Went WILD With These

For a while I got away from wildly making over my photos.  Mostly out of laziness because usually I am on my way to bed when I upload the photos.  But now I have a little extra time, so I have decided to go a bit wild and redo these.

The first one isn’t that bad.  Just an old postcard kind of treatment:




The other one I went completely buck wild with.  This one I shot through a window at the University of Massachusetts cafeteria.  Like I said in a previous blog post, Canaletto had the Grande Canal.  I have hunger, lunch and the need to take photos.  Find your muse where you may.

Anyway, my little camera was saying it wanted flash, so I broke the cardinal rule of photography.  I bounced the flash off of the glass and the result was kind of interesting.  Then I went nut on the thing:


Yeah, now it has a mistaken weird negative thing going on.  Go me.




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