Enjoy It While It Lasts

Now I love the fact that the Red Sox won the World Series.  The fact that the team went to from last to first.  And that it happened this year, after the Marathon bombing makes it even more significant.

But sometimes I like to joke with the locals.  The Sox winning the world series is really unique.  They’ve been around for 112 years and have only won it eight times.  The evil empire has been around for almost as long and won it 27 times.  Today I saw a sign that said “Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions.   I told my friends to take a photo of it, as the next time it will happen, their grandchildren will be in college.

Now it can be seen as being rather negative.  Or just my weird sense of humor.

The Sox are the champs.  May it stay so for a very long time.  Nice beard George:


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