Respect the Behemoth. It Doesn’t Always Do What You Say.

You can reason with a person.  Sometimes.  You can reason with animals, maybe pets and not wild ones.

But you cannot reason with a mountain.  It does not listen to you.  It does what it wants.  You just have to get out of the way.

Forget anything else.  That is the first lesson in skiing.  You have to respect the mountain.  Otherwise, the adventure will end badly.

I went to Killington for the first ski trip of the season.  I’ve been there before but I had a bad experience because I was an inexperienced skier and I didn’t know how to ski the difficult trails in the higher mountain.  Since it was the first ski trip of the season, I skied a few greens and a few blues.  Strangely I felt more comfortable on the blues.

I just got a few photos.  The rest of the time was spent skiing.  Yeah, that is a first:

11679032846_374e7bd301_b 11678620514_4a5a69054f_b 11678620174_5bf992dc5e_b

And the full view:


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