I Was A New Yorker Through and Through

My friends like to joke that I went backward in life.  Most people leave a place like Boston to live in New York City.  I did the opposite.  I left New York City to live in Boston.  With no exact clear plan what I was going to do when I got here, may I add.  But that is for another blog entry on another day.

Before I lived here, I knew a few things about this place.  It was kind of like New York, but smaller.  There was a university here that is kind of famous.  People studied things here.  They played baseball.  Larry Bird and Kevin McHale (two of my favorite old school players played here).  Aerosmith and a whole host of other bands got their start here.

Oh and Cheers took place here.  Cheers.  How I loved that show, especially the first three seasons, with Diane and Coach.  One summer my mother and I left for the summer and we left my dad, alone.  In New York, may I add.  We came back and the man had become a fan of Cheers.  As we all already were.  One of my favorite jokes from that show was when Diane’s erstwhile fiancé Sumner Sloan says to Woody “I have a chair at Boston University” and Woody responded “I have a couch at home.”

I like to say that a man running by me in a red cup made me want to live here, but that’s just half true.  It was also the angel statue in the Boston Public Garden that made me want to live here.  She just peacefully stays there watching over the city.  I like that.  Though she probably needs a blanket of some kind during the Hercules:


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