Boston Fashion File XXXIII

Slope-style edition.

With the Olympics going on, I thought I would do a Boston fashion file on slope attire.  Now I have done this many a ski season, as I have seen long beards as face warmers and plenty of weird things sticking out of people’s helmets.  And a guy with a jacket covered in donut prints.  That was a keeper.

Well, this time we have something from the animal kingdom.  Sort of:


As soon as I saw this, I thought of the scene in The Queen, where James Cromwell as Prince Phillip said:

One of the gillies said he spotted a stag up Craggy Head.  Reckoned it was a 14 pointer.

Now I know these words are English but they may be a bit difficult to decipher.  I think what he meant is that there was some kind of horned animal near some kind of geographic marker that carried a large point value.

Either way, the guy in the hat is funny.

And scene.


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