People of Boston V

As I entered the State House today, I thought I would just take photos of the students and that would be it.  I did have a tiny little inclining that I might photograph someone in there that was interesting.  

I’ve been to the State House more than ten times.  I give the tour of the State House now, instead of having one of the tour guides do it.  Last time one of the tour guides made it up here.  Today two of the security officers grace this illustrious blog.

First up, the storyteller of the cod:


This is a man of cod.  See what I did there?  Well, actually he is more of a storyteller of the cod.  Inside the House chamber of the State House, there is a large wooden cod that has been there for nearly one hundred years.  The State legislature does not convene without the cod.  

Every other time I have taken a tour of the State House, I have heard the story about how the cod was stolen and then returned by some rascally Harvard students.  However, the man of cod (or the storyteller of cod) told us today that it might not have been stolen after all.  It might all just be a myth.  But still.  How many House chambers have a fish without which they will not convene?  Not many.

And then this guy:


We went into the room next to the senate chamber and I told the story about the tur-eagle and Billy Bulger.  Billy Bulger, if you read this blog and I know that you do, I said nothing but positive things about you.  Just ask the nice man above.

Anyway, this lovely man in the uniform came in to listen to my tour guiding and added a few points of his own and generously posed for a photo with our assembled crew.  

Last, but not least, the Men of Constant Sorrow have changed their outfits from their last feature on this blog, so here they are again:


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