Boston Fashion File XL

WOW.  The fashion file hits 40!!!!  Insane.  I wish I had realized that, so we could collectively have a look back at the sheep coats, sandwich costumes, moose hats and banana get ups that have filled this page will glee for the past two years or so.

Perhaps one day I will make a greatest hits of Boston Fashion File.  But for right now, we have more pressing matters at hand.

Diana Vreeland said that the eye must travel, so Boston Fashion File traveled.  To New York.

So this is Boston Fashion File, New York edition.

New York is one of the glamorous fashion capitals of the world.  Considered the home of refined American sportswear, the city boasts such fashion luminaries as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

Um, yeah anyway, so none of those people are featured in this blog post, although I do wish that Michael Kors read the blog to contribute quips.  Those other two can stay as labels in the back of my clothes.

No, this New York edition of Boston Fashion File will feature Boston Fashion File type clothes in New York.

First up, this cutie, kind of overdressed for a hot day on the frying pan known as New York City in the summer:

new york city fifth avenue dominican day parade girl in outfit

Wear the coat with pride, little one.  The next two seem to have emerged from a time machine of some kind.  Or are just dressed up for a theater production.  Answer number two is the more likely one:

new york city bryant park performer hat black white new york city bryant park performers

Perform proud dear friends.

The eye has traveled.  I sought beauty and I found it.

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