As An Educator, I Am At The Forefront Of New Classroom Design

I have mentioned before on this blog that I am an educator of English as Second Language.  When I am not photographing feathered creatures, pretending I live in a castle, running in mud or doing any of the other crazy things that regularly appear up here.

As an educator, I am at the forefront of new trends in classroom design.  A technological classroom benefits the students and provides a stimulating environment for classroom learning in this digital age.

Now I’d like to make a suggestion for a new feature of 21st century classrooms.  A feature that will no doubt revolutionize classroom design in the coming years:


HA!!!  Like I’m going to be serious up in here?  No way.

Well, I am going to be half serious.  Why not have a classroom that features tentacles?

This classroom design is genius and again, as an educator, I recommend that it be implemented across the board.

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