The Jaws of Life

So I love photographing swimming pools.  Unlike every other thing I have ever photographed, I cannot trace the origins of this.  I think it might just be my love of water or the fact that I have gotten a few good shots of swimming pools in the past and decided to keep going until I got another one.

I have seen some series of photos about swimming pools in different places with people in them, especially these old fashioned swimming pools that really made me appreciate that.  Or maybe it was just that going to a pool was such a privilege growing up that I just love seeing them.  I can’t explain it.

Well, this is another swimming pool shot.  But this one was taken in terrible, awful lighting conditions through a glass that had wires across it.  Awful conditions.  So I used the jaws of life on it and cut and adjusted until it looked the way I wanted it to.  Here goes:


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