The Big Green

Six years ago, I went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  There is an entry about it on this blog if you go back about 1000 entries.  Don’t actually do that, but it is in the entries for 2008.  It is probably about my amazement that I actually went to a baseball game.  Little did I know that I would one day find myself worshipping a god called David Ortiz.  But whatever.  Another entry entirely.

So after my first visit, I decided to come to Fenway Park for a tour in 2009.  Again, a place I thought I would visit once or twice.

Well, I have now visited Fenway Park for different reasons at different times probably fifty times.  I have to admit, I love every visit.  The ballpark is kind of small and has a lot of funny features.

Yesterday I participated in the Spartan Race in Fenway Park, where you had to run up and down the stairs in Fenway and climb up nets and ropes and walls.  I thought about those first visits and thought about incredibly unbelievable it would have been to me five years ago that I would be running around the stadium during Spartan Race kinds of things.  With booming music going in the background too, that made it just that much better.

I wanted to do Spartan for two reasons.  Number one, I wanted to have a trifecta of obstacle races for 2014 — Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder and Spartan.  Number two, I wanted to get to go on the actual field where the Red Sox play and I wanted to touch the Green Monster.  Boston, what have you done to me?  When I moved here, my biggest ambition in life was to meet Karl Lagerfeld and have my photography in the pages of Vanity Fair.  Now my biggest wish is to touch a scoreboard.

Well, anyway, touch that scoreboard I did and I got some shots from on the actual Red Sox field.  Again, my priorities in life seem to have changed.

Also, a blog note.  I decided to start doing galleries up here for more than two photos so that people can see the entire photo on their screen.  And to get more hits.  I’m all about those numbers, so do be so kind as to click on the photo to enlarge it if you see it in a postage sized format.

Let’s go … Green Monster!!!:

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