Santa Claus’s Arrival Ceremony

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Santa was up here, not exactly fully clothed.  Today he’s clothed, but no less special.

I was at Wachusett on Saturday, trying to get myself back into shape for another ski season.  There will be an entry about that whole thing in a second.  But first, Mr. Claus.

I went into the lodge to have a bowl of soup and to think about how the day was going when I heard an announcement over the loud speaker.  “Santa will be arriving in a helicopter to enjoy a drink at the Granite Lounge.”  Now if anybody needs hard liquor at this time of year, it is him.

Now I was inordinately excited about seeing Santa Claus arrive in the helicopter.  Perhaps a little too much for a grown person. And then he got out and I thought of those arrival ceremonies for dignitaries at the White House, this dignitary being no less important:


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