I Hope This Entry Goes Viral

I’ve had this blog for almost eight years.  I have published a lot of entries up here.  Funny, poignant and of course full of (what I believe to be) great photos.  But today, I am making a plea to the internet gods.  December has been my best month of year and I want to set a blog record this month.  Now I realize I only have two days to accomplish this, but I would like to put this out there.  I want these images to go viral.  I want the whole world to see them. First the story then the images.  I took these today flying from Boston to Tampa, Florida.  Flying over Manhattan, I could not believe what I saw, including the one where the lines on the ground lined up to look like some sort of an animal.  Hence I want them to go viral.  All sorts of weird stuff goes viral, so why not my weird stuff? So here goes.  GO VIRAL IMAGES, GO VIRAL!!!: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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