Road Tripping Around The Rust Belt

My weekends are pretty exciting. I visit glamorous places like mountains, mansions and watch all sorts of sporting events.

On Saturday I visited Springfield, Massachusetts following my usual weekend theme of visiting glamorous places. No, it isn’t the Springfield from the Simpsons, but it is home to my beloved Basketball Hall of Fame and a kind of a rust belt town like Worcester or Albany, New York. I’ve very much been intrigued by those towns, all beautiful and done up, but sort of sad now.

Springfield seems to have a lot going for it and my friend who I visited who lives there told me they are trying to revive the place now, which is great. Because it has all sort of lovely things in it:
springfield downtown downtown view

springfield downtown dr seuss garden 3

springfield downtown museum square snow

springfield downtown museum square yellow house

springfield downtown museum square

springfield downtown public library inside 2

springfield downtown public library inside

springfield downtown springfield museum

springfield downtown street shadows strip club

springfield downtown walkway

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