Night of the Living Ponchos

Alternate titles:
Poncho Apocalypse
March of the Ponchos

So as I mentioned in the previous entry, the participants of the Boston marathon may have regretted picking this exact marathon to participate in because it was a touch cold today. Scratch that. We were just missing our snow piles. Otherwise, it may as well been the dead of winter.

Anyway, it seems that the marathon organizers anticipated this, so this year they gave our brave marathon running souls ponchos to wear after they completed their long journey. I talked to one of the poncho wearers and he told me that they usually gave him an aluminum piece of tape at the end of the thing so this year, the poncho was vital. A lot of them were shivering and most of them were on their way back to their cars in this cavalcade of ponchos (another alternate title!!!) and it all looked pretty interesting:

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