God Bless This Mess

I like Salem. Forget the whole thing about the witches, but the place is kind of off kilter and weird in a non-threatening way. People definitely march to the beat of their own drummer over there.

Case in point — a guy who has some kind of workshop of all kinds of re-worked metal stuff, I guess what some would call “junk.” Yesterday something that always happens on activities happened. Usually I take the students to the area with the junk and we see it from the outside. Yesterday the metal man was home and invited in to see the yard. We took photos, he thanked us for stopping by. I really wanted to get a look inside his house but we got the yard.

Anyway, I got some great stuff from that visit. Love you Salem, stay weird:
salem junk sculpture yard 1

salem junk sculpture yard 2

salem junk sculpture yard 3

salem junk sculpture yard 4

salem junk sculpture yard 5

salem junk sculpture yard 6

salem junk sculpture yard 7

salem junk sculpture yard 8

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