The Iguana Says “Ha”

Every trip to the Cayman Islands includes a visit to my old friends, the blue iguanas. These ancient animals only live in the Cayman Islands and congregate around the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden. They do kind of behave like the queen too. They come and go as they please and they bite if you get too close to them. Just like the monarch. And they are ancient too!!! Just kidding. I love Queen Elizabeth. Please royalists hold your commentary.

Anyway, so the day I visited I only saw one blue iguana. Usually there are about four of them wandering around, sunning themselves and generally ignoring everyone. I spoke to a man who worked in the garden who told me a tale of woe about the blue iguanas. A couple of days earlier, there had been a storm in the Cayman Islands and a cold snap had followed. I mean the mercury may have gone down to a positively freezing 80 degrees, so the critters had gone into hiding. How could they do this? The “cold” had driven them underground and they wouldn’t be coming out for a while. I told the man in the botanical garden that the critters should have visited in Boston in February and felt a real cold snap. He just laughed and threw the iguana another piece of celery to chew on.

Oh well.

Blue iguana days ahead for us all:

One thought on “The Iguana Says “Ha”

  1. You should see they iguanas when Cayman were breaking records officially and unofficially back in the 50’s and in more recent times 2010+ temps were in freezing 50’s and 40’s and iguanas were nowhere to been seen likely been driven far underground and themselves freezing

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