White Diamonds

I’m a connoisseur of all kinds of things. To boil this down easily, I’d say I was a connoisseur of images. One image in my mind connects to another image and a new image is born. When I was in South America, the images that floated into my mind were all of those magnificent movies I watched about the continent. Somehow, in the Cayman Islands, I was reminded of all of these sandy, island images I had seen. I guess it is pretty obvious because that is what the Cayman Islands are.

One image or group of images in particular stuck in my mind when I was there. Hold on because the connection in tenuous. I love old cheesy ads and in the 1980s, there was an ad for a perfume called “White Diamonds” by Elizabeth Taylor. It was a short ad but it was one of those things a kid watches and thinks of how glamorous the life of an adult must be. Oh how wrong I was… Anyway, this image has always stuck with me. If you can’t remember the image, pop it into google. You will make the connection between the images there and the image I will put here in a minute:
cayman islands road view

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