The editors of Wrong Side of the Camera Take You Behind the Glamour…..

By editors, I mean me. I’m also the art director, sittings editor, stylist and publisher. I left out a few other titles I hold here too, but Anna Wintour look out. I’m taking over.

Eh, just kidding. No need to look out Ms. Wintour. I have bigger fish to fry. But get ready for a fun little entry that will take you behind the scenes of a glamorous photo shoot.

A friend of mine, a guy who I will always help out, asked me if I could a couple of my friend together for a little makeup session with his mom for pictures for her portfolio. I immediately agreed. Who doesn’t love a day of beauty and pampering!!!!! Ok, well, that is what my friends said. I wanted to help my friend out primarily.

He asked me to bring my camera and shoot the photos. I don’t get to take a lot of posed portraits and I’ve never taken any that were as glamour as these.

The circumstances of these couldn’t have been more glamorous if we had tried. We shot these in the front yard and back yard of my friend’s house in Brookline. One of them was shot in her kitchen. My friend’s mom, the makeup artist, jumped on a chair when I came into the house with the dog.

Anna Wintour has the Tuileries garden in Paris. We’ve got the much more glamorous Brookline front yard. Anna ain’t got nothing on us.

(Of course the models did a lovely job with the makeup and our makeup artist was top notch):
boston makeup modeling 1

boston makeup modeling 2

boston makeup modeling 3

boston makeup modeling 4

boston makeup modeling 5

boston makeup modeling 6

boston makeup modeling 7

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