Summer .0025

A wise man, actually a Saudi friend once told me that in his country, there are two seasons — summer one and summer two. I mean this is hilarious in some many ways, considering that Saudi Arabia, by my friends from that country has been described as an oven, a frying pan and a lot of other things relating to simply being much too overheated.

New Englanders joke that there are four seasons in this area — pre winter, post winter, winter and road reconstruction. Hence I have chosen what I think is a pretty interesting title for this entry — summer .0025.

Now the weather lately has been pretty ridiculous. Last week I had to put all the fans into the windows of the apartment I live in because it was too hot. This week I had to take them out. I also had to wear my winter jacket and boots on Tuesday because it was so cold. Today I wore a sweater that I took off because it was too hot. Who knows what joys tomorrow will bring.

And this brings me to the actual topic of this entry — Scooper Bowl. Ah Scooper Bowl, 10 bucks and you are on your way to eating all the ice cream you want. A good thing. A good thing for Jimmy Fund, a good thing for the people of Boston and usually the unofficial kick off of summer.

Although this year, I’m not sure which summer they mean. I’m leaning towards summer .0025.

Release the ice cream!!!!!
boston scooper bowl people 1

boston scooper bowl people 2

boston scooper bowl people 3

boston scooper bowl people 4

boston scooper bowl people 5

boston scooper bowl people 6

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