A Man, A Gorilla Mask, A Run, A “Free Brady” Sign, A Cop and….


I work in Downtown Crossing. All sorts of weird things routinely cross my path at all hours. How I didn’t have my camera ready to snap a photo of the scene I encountered is beyond me.

I was leaving for an afternoon work commitment when I encountered a man playing some rather loud music, waving a sign that said “Free Brady” referring to the Patriot’s quarterback and his recent deflation related suspension, wearing the aforementioned gorilla mask. Actually a gorilla suit to be precise.

Anyway, this was a crazy scene and since I am a kind of a magnet for these things, I needed to photograph it immediately. I went into my bag to grab my camera (50mm lens at the ready) when the guy takes off the gorilla mask and runs into his car. He’s about to be arrested. I pleaded with him to put the mask back on for one second, wave the sign, I will take the photo and fame and fortune will follow.

Alas, it was not to be. He sped away, but I did snap two photos.

Lesson learned. Camera at the ready. Maybe I can just have it surgically attached to my arm:
boston downtown crossing man in gorilla suit 2

boston downtown crossing man in gorilla suit

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