There Are Celebrities And Then There Are Celebrities

Sure yeah, lately my camera has been lucky enough to be pointed at some real grandees. I mean yeah, the governor of the great state of Massachusetts, my grumps and of course, be-thonged man who drew so much traffic over to this site.

But there are celebrities and then there are celebrities. Two celebrities that I have pointed my camera at over the years, I have considered above all to be my favorite. First was Rufus, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show champion that had all the poise of a celebrity and then some during our meeting and then promptly fell asleep when the meeting was over. Sleep well my beautiful friend.

Second is Bill Cunningham. Yes, I’ve written about this man up here multiple times and I’ve met and photographed him multiple times. I’ve even got a photo of him in my foyer that greet me when I enter my apartment. A photo of people dressed as bowling pins and Bill Cunningham.

I think I worshipped Bill Cunningham even before I knew who he was. My parents always read the New York Times and I always looked at the pages about what people were wearing and I always wanted to see how people dressed and how I could be more like them. Bill always wears the same blue smock and now I guess I always wear the same thing too, so I guess I’ve adopted some of Bill’s dressing habits as well.

Imagine my surprise when I was walking to South Station on Friday and in front of South Station stood my idol, Bill Cunningham. I must have been tired so I struck up a conversation with him. We even talked about how he had grown up in Boston and I nearly started chattering on and on about how the Big Dig had transformed the area around South Station into the Greenway and how wonderful it all was, but I didn’t. He was exceedingly friendly. In our other meetings, he seemed very focused on his work, but this time he was very pleasant. Just a man on a mission, I guess. Either way, nice to see you again, Mr. Cunningham, journeying from my hometown to your hometown:
boston south station bill cunningham style photographer New York Times

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