Heavy Meditations On Photography and then Some Photos

Here goes:
So I’ve been thinking lately (I do that sometimes) that photography is really a skill. One time I took a portfolio of my photos to an art gallery and a guy told me that almost everyone can take a good photos these days and that will a high resolution camera, a person could take a really nice quality photograph of a sunset. I nearly threw my portfolio at his head. He hadn’t even bothered to look at my photos.

Well, either way, I guess photographing sunsets is easy. The internet is full of those kinds of photos that have this coldness about them. Who are the people in those places? Where do they come from? Photographing pretty things is easy. Sure, as that guy in the gallery said. But that’s not what I’m try to do.

I wondered when I started taking photos if what I photographed was pretty and that’s why people said I took good photos or if my photos were actually good. Back then I concentrated just on getting a good angle on a beautiful place or seen. Now when I photograph a place that is actually beautiful, it is kind of weird. The place is doing all the work for me. What am I supposed to do there?

But throw some humans into the mix and it gets interesting. Places can’t talk. Places can’t change position. But human, well, they do all of those things and then some. And you gotta get those humans in an interesting situation and so they look good. I guess this is where photographic skill actually comes in.

Case in point the next photos:
boston museum of fine arts european gallery life drawing model pose woman

boston museum of fine arts european gallery man posing life drawing class

This is a figure drawing class they hold at the Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday night. It was also one of the most amazing things I had ever seen, not like Bill Cunningham or Rufus amazing, but amazing in the way that suddenly that static art was full of life. Those people filled the space with life but they also blended into the background.

And that woman with the posing, oh my god. First, I got in there and she was posing. It looked so interesting. I love movement, interesting shapes and then in that art gallery? WOW. I needed to capture that right away, immediately before it was totally gone!!!! I shot, I moved, I reshot and then she goes “NO PHOTOS.” She was pretty serious so I stopped, but then I went nuts trying to figure out the proper crop for her photo. That took a long time. And the treatment. But I like the result. Either way. Photographic skill. For what its worth.

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