My New Apartment

Well, after five years in my palatial maisonette in Allston, I’ve decided to move. Where you ask? Oh my new apartment is in a prime location, with beautiful views, exposed brick with plenty of history attached to it. Want to see?
boston old north church bell tower inside 2

boston old north church bell tower inside 3

boston old north church bell tower inside

OK, OK, it requires some fixing up obviously. What is this place and where is it? Well, that is the bottom of the bell tower in the Old North Church in Boston. It is where a group of students from the MIT Church Bell Ringers Guild (at least it isn’t the Assassin’s Guild) goes in and rings the bells.

I know the interior space doesn’t look great right now, but somehow when I went there, I imagined myself living there. I thought “wouldn’t the t-rex fit in perfectly over there?” I mean I could get a bed, some kind of curtain around to make it feel less like a studio. Then I could get a kettle and hot plate and some kind of small fridge. I mean I never cook, so that would be sufficient. They already have a bathroom up there. They’d just have to install a shower.

Nah, I’m kidding. But visiting the place was really interesting. Who doesn’t want to live in a 300 year old church bell tower anyway?

Oh I nearly forgot. The views:
boston old north church view of boston 1

boston old north church 2

2 thoughts on “My New Apartment

  1. Hi! If you’re interested in learning how to ring the bells, we’d be happy to have you. Although we are the MIT Guild of Bellringers, there is no MIT affiliation required to be a bellringer. (And regardless what the tour guide may have said, there isn’t much need to be particularly numerate; if you can count and raise your arms over your head, you can learn to ring.) You can email bellringers at for more information.

    • This is great. Thanks so much for the message. I’m going to send you guys a message and I will come with you to ring the bells. It will be a great photographing opportunity!!!!!!

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