Summer of Bahrain

Well, here I go breaking my own rules again. I mean I never write about people I actually know or things that actually happen to me. I mean of course the things up here happen to me, but I prefer to be a detached observer than a participant. But I have written about some personal stuff recently and the whole world hasn’t collapsed in on itself, so I guess it is OK.

But anyway, let’s get to the fun stuff. Some months ago, never mind how long ago (oh Melville, thanks for the intro!!!!) I received a message from a dear friend who hails from the Kingdom of Bahrain. He let me know that he would be sending over his brothers and a cousin to spend the summer in Boston. I was happy to receive them and would do my best to provide them with the best possible visit.

Boy, did I not know what I was in for. Three gents from Bahrain arrived, the leader, the sometimes co-leader and the child. Immediately, the started turning my world upside down. They laughed. They made jokes. They made every single outing as fun as I could possibly be. In a summer that included more than a few moments when I wanted to run into a hole and hide, the Bahrain babies, as I later nicknamed them provided fun, laughed, dancing, hilarity and just a hint of crazy to every single outing we spent together.

In a couple of days, the Bahrain babies will depart. And I will cry:
boston summer portraits 1

boston summer portraits 2

boston summer portraits 4

boston summer portraits 5

boston summer portraits 7

boston summer portraits 8

boston summer portraits 9

boston summer portraits 10

boston summer portraits 11

boston summer portraits 12

boston summer portraits 13

boston summer portraits 14

boston summer portraits 15

boston summer portraits 16

boston summer portraits caves

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