Sometimes It Takes A Long Time For the Sun to Rise

No, I mean I’m not crazy and I don’t think it actually takes a long time for the sun to set or rise. I’m pretty sure it always takes the same amount of time, but go with me here.

I guess when we consider our lives, they are a series of sunrises and sunsets. Things arise in our lives and then they set. They disappear. We forget about them and other things replace them. Those sunsets in our lives, they can take longer than we think they are supposed to. Or we hold off on the letting things sunset in our lives because we think if we hold on to them, they will become real again.

Sometimes its time for a sunset, so something new can arise in its place.

(Enough philosophizing, the public says. Give me some photos, woman).

And that I shall:
boston skyline sunset 1

boston skyline sunset 2

boston skyline sunset 3

boston skyline sunset between the buildings

boston fenway park coca cola sign sunset

boston fenway park field view sunset

boston harbor cruise sunset people

boston seaport district boston skyline sunset 2

boston seaport district skyline sunset 4

boston seaport district skyline sunset 9

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