Boston Not Safety City

In my other life as an English teacher (not as the managing editor and art director of Wrong Side of the Camera) I have a student named Jalal who is perfect example of the use of interlanguage. His way of speaking, which I termed “Jalalish” traverses a spectrum between his first language and his second language. For those of you who have a more Skinner-esque view of the world, his language contains many bad language habits that he must be broken of.

Jalal speaks his own language. One day in class he spoke for over half an hour on how Boston is not a safe city based on the fact that he backpack, which he actually left somewhere got stolen. During his whole speech, he kept saying “Boston not safety city, Boston not safety.”

You know Jalal, you are right. Boston not safety. Actually it is full of dangerous characters like these:
boston park street station woman leather cat suit

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