Do Not Irritate The Journalists. And No Sudden Movements Either.

This is the newsroom at the Boston Globe:
boston globe newsroom 2

boston globe newsroom

This is the first photo I have ever gotten of that place because on previous trips, the tour guide has told us, under no uncertain terms that we CANNOT take pictures in the newsroom and of course not of the journalists. This time though, the guide didn’t care and neither did the journalists.

I always thought it was funny that we couldn’t photograph in there. Having been a former journalist, I know that journalists of a weak constitution and that they must not be startled by the click of cameras. Any sudden movements and they can go berserk!!!! Well, luckily they didn’t this time.

Another thought I had when I was in there was that there I was visiting that place as an outsider. I’d been in the newsroom before and remembered what it was like to work in one of those places, with the blaring TV screens and the rest of that going on. This time I felt like an actual visitor. Not a bad feeling, I have to say.

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