Canadian Store/Cafe Bonanza

Every time I visit a new place, I like to do a store/supermarket bonanza from that place.  Unfortunately, the store I choose to do the bonanza here about in fair Canada told me that I couldn’t take any photos in there.  So, I decided to do a store/cafe bonanza.  Nobody stopped me from taking photos in the cafe and there was plenty to photograph in there.

But let’s start with the store.  Just wall to wall jam packed with all kinds of Canadian souvenirs.  Oops, that’s a cognate!!!!:

quebec quebec city general store 1quebec quebec city general store 2quebec quebec city general store general store 3
After I took the photo of the bears, the guy in the store told me to stop photographing.  There was also an old Northwest Territories polar bear license plate but I had already been told me stop photographing, so you’ll just have to use your imagination for that one.

Next up, the cafe, with its super cute decor:
quebec quebec city paillard cafe

Here’s a croissant I thought was made of bacon, but it just turned out to be creative use of red food coloring for the holidays:

quebec quebec city paillard cafe green red croissants

Lastly, here’s Santa Claus with his unicorn, his snowman and his worm.  Like he usually travels, with his friend the unicorn, the snowman and his worm:

quebec quebec city paillard cafe santa unicorn


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