No Matter What, Go Skiing

People that know me describe me as a person full of energy and life and I guess I’d agree with that.  I’ve come to this energy because I spent a good many years not doing anything, sitting on the sidelines of life.

That I go skiing as much as I do and that I love the sport as deeply as I do, is an extension of that.  HOWEVER, even I have moments during ski season when I don’t want to go on my crazy schedule of trips.  I set myself a demanding schedule for my ski season, figuring that it will be over quickly and that I need to get in as much as I can.

Still, there are times when I don’t feel like going.  Saturday was one of those times.  I haven’t been sleeping too well lately, owning to the fact that my apartment is too damn hot and I guess a bit of anxiety about what my future holds.  Things are changing in my life right now and I feel a lot of trepidation about all of it.

So the alarm goes off this past Saturday and I truly do not feel like going, but I go anyway.  This ski trip was a favor from an agency we work with at my job for the immense amount of business we bring them.  Everything free has a cost and the cost for this one was taking a yellow school bus to our destination.  Traveling on a yellow school bus is just about the worst way to travel and it is the sight of multiple indignities experienced by all American school children.

We got to our destination, the Wachusett resort and I got myself ready.  As is always the case when I have the feeling that I don’t want to go on my weekend ski trip, I got there and I immediately knew I wanted to be there. I realized yesterday that I love going to Wachusett.  Its not fancy, its not Vermont but everyone there is so friendly.  I have great conversations with  people on the lifts and always share a laugh about collective skiing stories.   There is always classic rock blasting and it is always a lot of fun.

Saturday was great.  I skied some good black trails and got my speed back and my form.  A nine month lay off from skiing always involves some return to form and a place like Wachusett is perfect for that kind of thing.  As usual, I did some thinking on the slope about what is to come, but I also thought — always just go skiing.

And with those pseudo-philosophical statements, let’s get going on the photos:









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