Sometimes You Just Have To Post Photos of Your Favorite Goofballs

There’s been a lot of serious skiing musings up here lately and not enough fun or goofballs for that matter, so I’m going to fix that now.

My life is overpopulated with goofballs, like the ones I’m going to show a picture of below. One is the younger brother of one of my former students.  Teaching him is like teaching a tornado.  Of sharks.  A sharknado if you will.  He also gets his own portion of the class to expound on topics like funeral costs, taxation, tipping, restaurant service.  How is this related to what we are doing int he class??  Yeah.  ITS NOT.

The other student in the photo is a very diligent, very intelligent student who lights up the class.  In other words, a non-sharknado.

Here you are gents, on my blog for the first (and hopefully not) the last time:

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