The League of Professional Museum Goers

By some twist of fate, I have a job where I am a professional museum goer.  Yes, it is an interesting line of work and description of a job.  I do not evaluate the museums per se.  I just go to a lot of them.

People write off museums a lot of the for being boring, but nowadays they have to compete against smartphones and things like Candy Crush — what is that I still have yet to figure out, not to mention Instagrams full of semi-nude selfies and artfully composed shots of people’s macaroons, so museums have a sort of an uphill battle in that department.  They gotta make stuff interesting or that person is going back to their Instagram patrolling.

I gotta give the Corning Glass Museum that I visited last weekend credit for its interestingness (that is a word, isn’t it?)  Sure there was a display of Corning wear, but also a ton of interesting glass sculptures and fun, interactive displays about how glass is made.

This professional museum goer likes your museum, Corning Museum of Glass:




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