Boston Fashion File XLVIV

The eye must travel, as Diana Vreeland said and Boston Fashion File, keeping its keen eye on worldwide fashion trends does follow Mrs. Vreeland’s edict.  Boston Fashion File has traveled to such exotic locales as Providence, Rhode Island and Stowe, Vermont but today, its taking its furthest trip, a trip south, no less.

Boston Fashion File is turning its attention to the Cayman Islands for it is known for its fashionable residents.  Nah, I’m totally kidding.  I’m down here for my annual break from teenagers, weird weather, gallons of Dunkin Donuts coffee, the green line, grammar books and apartments with showers that just kind of work.

Yesterday (when I got here) there was the annual Cayman carnival parade, featuring very inebriated people wearing very little clothes.  It was great fun, loud, if not a little slow paced.

Shall we have a look at the festivities???


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