Come and Live With Me in My New Cave

I always like to refer to myself as living in a cave.  It gives me a sort of a mysterious air…

Here’s a piece of advice.  If you get the chance to visit a cave, visit that cave.  Last year I visited some lovely caves in New Hampshire and the Cayman Islands in an effort to keep pace with New Hampshire in the cave game have opened their own caves.

These are stalagmite and stalactite caves, as opposed to the purely rock type of formation caves that I visited before.  The stalagmite and stalactite caves always remind me of some kind of gothic cathedral with a lot of rib vaults.  Yup.  I said rib vaults.

The cave was full of bats.  Hideous little critters, I gotta tell you.

No bats made it into the photos, thanks god:

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