First You Photograph the Things. Then the People.

Well, when I first moved to Boston, I thought there was nothing around here to photograph.  Absolutely nothing.  How many photo of Faneuil Hall was I going to take?  More importantly, did I even want to take any of photos of Faneuil Hall anyway?

Then after a while, I started photographing the shadows and the light here.  Boston has had the opposite effect on me as a city.  Every other place I have ever lived, I’ve found that the place was beautiful to me when I first saw it and then it became more mundane and run down.  Boston I’ve had the opposite feeling.  Boston gets more beautiful as I look at it more.

Anyway, I don’t find myself taking too many view shots of Boston anyway.  I like photographing the people.  Like these two.  I mean can they get any cuter???

boston spectacle island couple laughing

And these view shots, with people in them:

boston spectacle island boardwalkboston spectacle island girl walking

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