Forget The Past. You Don’t Know Anything.

Every once in a while, I write about my actual life up here.  Somehow I always thought something bad would happen if I revealed too much about myself up here.  Blogs are public and open to the world and anyone can see them no matter what.

However, when I wrote about my professor at UMass Boston, Pepi Leistyna dying, suddenly everyone paid attention to this blog.  I didn’t write about him for that reason, but it felt good to write about someone I knew and get my true feelings out there about him.

I guess Pepi opened the floodgates for me about writing about myself and in particular my experience of going to UMass Boston.  What’s making me suddenly so philosophical?  I had my graduation dinner from my program yesterday and I snapped some photos of my lovely classmates, which I will post in below.

But first some musings.  The graduation dinner was in Marina Bay, in Quincy, where I have never visited before, despite living in this city for seven years.  Never been there??  Check it out:

boston umass boston sunsetboston quincy marina bay night restaurantboston quincy marina bay night

That first photo is of the UMass campus from the restaurant we were eating at.  My parents were with me and as I looked at the campus, I told reminded my mom about how it had always been my dream to study in Boston.  We also reminisced about how when I was 18, we’d come to Boston for me to go to an accepted candidates weekend at a university that shall remain nameless and it was so terrible that we actually left and sat in Harvard Square for the rest of the day.

A dream delayed I guess.  But I did end up studying in Boston at UMass Boston, a school I didn’t even know existed until I lived here for a while.  I guess we gotta get back to the title.  I cannot stress how little I actually wanted to back to school after graduation school one but the past doesn’t matter and you don’t know anything.  When I showed up to my first class at UMass Boston, all I was worried about was getting all the work done for a subject I had no clue about.  I had little to no knowledge of linguistics going into the degree and was fairly certain that I wasn’t going to be able to learn anything about it.  You don’t know anything about how things are going to turn out.

As I went along in the program, I got to read about things I liked and was interested in and write papers on topics that fascinated me.  I started to look at the world through the lens of language and culture and power.  The ideas were learned about in applied linguistics program were things that I had thought about for years but could never put a name to.  Suddenly, there was an area of study and names to all of these ideas that I knew were valid.

Studying applied linguistics also took me out of the political frame of mind I had always been in.  I had always seen the world along political lines, liberals and conservatives but suddenly none of that mattered.  It was who had the power that mattered and that made the world a lot easier to understand for me.

The program also affected me on a personal level.  I found some really excellent friends that helped me through some tough times in the program.  In the first class I ever took in the program, my professor told us not to talk to anyone else in the class about our midterm.  I thought to myself “who am I going to talk to???  None of these people are going to be my friend.”  It turns out that one of the people from the class has become a very dear friend.

The program was a welcome respite from my work life too.  When I was doing the program, my work life got turned upside down and inside out and school was a place I could go to excel and shine when I felt down about work.

I guess my dream to study in Boston was a dream delayed but a dream ultimately fulfilled in a different way than I had thought.  It all turned out OK in the end!!!!

Congratulations to my fellow classmates!!!!

boston umass boston graduate dinner 1boston umass boston graduate dinner 2boston umass boston graduate dinner 3boston umass boston graduate dinner 5boston umass boston graduate dinner 6boston umass boston graduate dinner 8boston umass boston graduate dinner 9boston umass boston graduate dinner 10

One thought on “Forget The Past. You Don’t Know Anything.

  1. Love it, Natalia. What a great time we spent together. Let’s save the good moments and make more awesome moments! ❤️❤️❤️ DL

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