The Young Shall One Day Inherit The Earth

You know I bet there’s a guy walking around in the bible saying “kids these days!!!!”  Nope, I didn’t actually author those words.  They came from one of my idols, Roger Sterling from Mad Men, who isn’t even a real person.  He says them in an episode where he has to market coffee to the youth.  At the time, young people didn’t drink coffee.  They put Pepsi on their frosted flakes, Roger said.

I’m not that old, but I’m getting older.  I work in a school, so all day I’m surrounded by young people.  Really young.  Like using the example of “what had you done by 1995,” may be greeted by “I wasn’t born yet” or I just learned to walk.  1995 — hmm, yeah, that’s a year I remember rather well.  Really well.

But being around these youngs, as I call them isn’t the worst thing in the world.  Rather than making you feel old, they actually make you feel young.  You don’t feel a huge difference between yourself and them.  Unless you start talking about what you were both doing around 1995.  Let’s say I was putting Mountain Dew on my frosted flakes.  Or maybe Jolt cola.  Am I old??  Did I just date myself making that reference?

Anyway, youngs, you shall one day inherit the earth:

boston north end group 1boston north end group 2boston north end group 3boston north end group 4

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