Keep Calm. It’s Finally Summer.

Summer in Boston is a thing of beauty.  I write this statement at the beginning of every single summer and I will never waver from it.

Round about 2010, when I started working in a school, I started having an actual summer.  Before that, when I worked in an office, I’d just continue going to an office during the summer.  Then when I started working in the school, summer turned back into summer instead of winterspringsummerfall whatever.  It was hot, I went to the office.  It was cold.  I went to the office, but now I did all sorts of summer things.

I was also going to write about how I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love Boston in the summer, but I did meet one.  In 2012, my humble apartment was taken over by an evil spirit.  Nah, I’m kidding.  But I did have a rather unpleasant visitor who made that summer rather dark.  I took her too all of the places I thought were amazing in Boston in summer, pretty much all of them and she frowned.  We walked through the Public Garden and she said “uh, another one of your favorite places??  How many do you have???”  They can’t all be my favorite, oh evil spirit?  Nope, nope, nope.

Well, that was about it for people who outright did not like Boston in the summer.  For me, summer has always been magical.  Some new friendships always shake out in a large cast of characters and something interesting always happens.

I’m already calmer knowing that summer has started:


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